Caring for Colorado

As we launched a project focused on Latina youth, we needed a partner deeply committed to listening and to creating meaningful solutions. Curious far exceeded our expectations. They authentically elevated the voices of the Latino community, resulting in a solution that builds on strengths of the community and is deeply responsive to their needs. Curious has set the standard for how we engage with communities.


VP of Programs, Caring for Colorado Foundation


While teen pregnancy rates among women in Colorado have declined dramatically since 2008, existing programs don't effectively serve all women. Young Latinas, in particular, are being left behind.

The Approach

In partnership with seven Design Fellows from Adams County and Pueblo, we conducted extensive interviews with Latino youth and people who influence them. With the Fellows, we generated and prototyped culturally responsive ideas that build on the strengths of the community.


We co-designed a Latino-led, Latino-powered program that breaks the generational silence around topics - like relationships, sex and reproductive health - essential to the wellbeing of young Latinas. The program will pilot in late 2020.