Working With Us

I go to Curious when I am stuck, when I need to uncover insights that make room for movement. They design the most interesting, unconventional, get-to-the-heart-of-it explorations. The results are magic. They help me go from mind boggling to mind expanding and that is priceless in a partnership.


President, Spitfire Strategies

Our Beliefs

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Trust the people closest to the challenge.

Effective social impact design depends on our being good listeners, tapping into the wisdom of the communities we're serving and making sure people closest to a challenge are deeply engaged in the process.

We learn better

We deeply involve client partners throughout our process because their rich perspective improves solutions and involving them builds their creative capacity to be even more human-centered in their work.

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Design is a great tool, not a silver bullet.

We believe in the power of design to solve problems. And, we value other perspectives, such as behavioral science and cultural anthropology, that make our ideas work harder and smarter.

We are fundamentally

And we're all-in to create a better, more inclusive and more resilient future.

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